We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the Tokuc Group Social Responsibility Project. The Tokuc Group believes that protecting nature is a duty to be taken upon ourselves. With this being said, we are proud to say that our group will be fighting to save nearly 1000 olive trees from being cut down in the year 2020.

The words of our chairman of the board of directors, Ibrahim Tokuc, describe the spiritual bonds that our family has established with the nature of our homeland including the olive trees: “We look at the 17 thousand young olive trees on our land in Mugla-Kavaklidere. The bond we have created is so strong that it gives us a sense of responsibility to preserve all olive trees on this planet. When we heard that nearly

1000 olive trees were to be cut down due to a mining project this coming year, we took it upon ourselves to protect these trees. We decided to transport these trees, one-by-one, to the safety of our land in order to ensure their survival. It will not be an easy task, as some of these trees are nearly 700 years old! However, what I can say is this: It was on of the easiest decisions we’ve ever made because this is how we have been taught to treat the blessings that our land has given us. It is impossible to describe the happiness we will derive from saving these trees.” Saving these olive trees and procuring the help needed to properly transport them will be a primary objective of the Tokuc Group’s Social Responsibility Project.